ALMA Mozambique Link


We are delighted to be supporting, through the Diocese of London’s ALMA programme, the church of Santa Cruz in Mozambique. We currently support them through prayer, visits and financial support

Name of Link Church:  Santa Cruz (St Cross)Rev Mateus Benedito
Parish:  Bairro Popular
Town:  Lichinga
Country:  Mozambique
Province:  Anglican Church of South Africa.
Name of Vicar:  Rev Mateus Benedito
Other parish clergy:  Rev Helen Van Koevering (who looks after the
churches of St Simon and St Jude which are also in the parish)

What does our Link involve:Town Centre Church

1.  Praying for each other – including Midday Prayer in St Pauls
2.  Visits – Rev Helen Van Koevering has visited us at St Pauls
3.   Giving – we are supporting the building of the new Town Centre
4.   E-mail link – we send weekly e-mails.