St Columba update

At St Paul’s Sunday service we learnt about Luke 5, when Jesus calls the disciples from a boat and we got to hear about the exciting things happening on London’s newest floating church – St Columba – as well as getting an update on the construction of the new barge.

Dave Pilkington, QEOP Missioner, spoke of the different services and events that have been happening on St Columba, and shared some of the stories of how he has seen God working in people’s lives. He also spoke about the new Thursday evening discussion group, starting on the 7th March. This will be based on the ‘Breathing Under Water’ work of Richard Rohr.

Rev. James shared about the construction of the new barge, which will replace the temporary barge we currently have. It will arrive in the summer and will feature a unique roof bellows.

To find out more about the work of St Columba visit or email Dave.