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St Pauls is truly a church for the 21st century, providing within the heritage church building, a place where community is built up and where people can grow and flourish spiritually, emotionally and physically.

A popular myth is that the Government provides money for the upkeep of Church of England buildings – but this is simply not true! All the funds for the church upkeep and bills, and for the provision of activities must be generated by the local congregation.

Make a donation

People give incredibly generously of their time and talents in volunteering at St Pauls in all kinds of roles. We also need a third ‘t’ – your ‘treasure’ or financial support.

Please consider giving to St Pauls – for the upkeep of this iconic heritage building, for the youth work to enable teenagers to go away on camp this summer, for the work of the community cafe and so much more.

To make a donation please visit our Virgin Money Giving page and follow the instructions.