Well-being Day 2019

On Saturday the 12th of October, between 11 am-3 pm, St Paul Old Ford will be hosting a Wellbeing Day.

The event is about exploring the ways we can improve our health in our minds, body and souls. The Wellbeing Day will be partnering with organisations such as Ability Bow and Singfulness.

Below is the programme for the day:

Baby Massage – 11-11:30 am
Pilates – 11-12 am
Hand Massage – 12-1 pm
Ability Bow: you can exercise anywhere – 12-2 pm
Songs and Smiles (All Ages) – 1-1:20 pm, 2-2:30 pm
Singfulness – 1:30 – 2pm
Blood Pressure Checks – 1-3 pm

All Day:

Tea, coffee and healthy snacks
Learn to knit, crochet, make and mend
Prayer and Meditation
‘This is Me’ – for children
Nutritional Tasters
Adult Colouring

Please contact April@stpauloldford.com for more information.


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